Live Online Exotic POLE DANCE Classes
Let´s learn to dance beautifully in high heels!
MAY 2021 Schedule:
Combo & Technique

Learn to dance exotic beginner elements and the right technique for them (things like leg work, pirouettes, slides...) to then learn a beginner exotic pole dance combo with some of those elements!

Heels are optional. Some basic pole experience recommended.

3 Wednesdays in May:
12th |  19st | 26th

At 6 p.m. CET time!
(18 Uhr)
+ Recording & Download | Price: 59 €
Dark Flow Choreo

Learn to dance an intermediate exotic pole dance choreography with me! This time we will dance to: Broken Truth Ft Chill

You should have good experience in exotic pole dance and strength + flexibility already (being able to do a lifted invert for example)!

3 Saturdays in May:
8th | 15th | 22th

At 4 p.m. CET time!
(16 Uhr)
+ Recording & Download  |  Price: 59 €
What you will get...
  • Three live exotic pole dance classes via Zoom á 75 minutes! (You will get the link via email prior to the first class)
  • Recording + Download of each class 48 after the class, send via email (will be hosted until the 13th June). Made with the camera I also create my Youtube tutorials with! So it´s a better quality than just Zoom.
  • ​Learn a beautiful exotic pole dance style choreo with cool exotic music
    or learn to dance an exotic pole dance combo in high heels with me and learn the correct technique!
  • ​​Support form me during the live class AND also after the class in a Telegram group (where you can post a video of the combo or ask questions and get one feedback from me each week)!
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You can choose between the the full package with live teaching and feedback OR the download only option, where you will get the downloads of the recordings after all 3 classes are over.
1. The full package (live class + feedback + access to the recording
2. Download only option (no feedback or visiting the live classes)
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Do I have to have some previous experience?
Yes some basic/beginner pole experience is recommended for the beginner classes and intermediate knowledge of exotic pole dance for the intermediate choreo classes.

Do I need high heels for this classes?
If possible get a pair of 6 or 7 inch for the beginner class and 7 or 8 inch heels for the intermediate class! (or lower, but with more plateau it´s a little easier to work with). If you don´t want to you can also dance in socks. Also get knee pads for the class!

How can I access the classes?
You will get an email with the Zoom link prior to the first class (this link is for all classes). A link to the recording will be send via email too.

Do we use satic or spinning pole and how much space do I need?

Static! And 1,8m radius around the pole.

How long is one class?

One live class will be 75 minutes!

Is a warm up included?

Yes! The class is structured just live an in person class would be in the studio.
How many people will be in one class?
The live classes are limited to max. 9 people.

What else do I need?
You need a good working internet connection and a laptop with a camera to join the live classes!
How do I get help if something does not work?

For techniqual support please email me! Support for learning the combo and choreo is available in the live class. And you can get one feedback per week in the Telegram group chat.

How long do I have access to the recordings of the classes and can download them?
You have access until the 13th June 2021.

What if I cannot make it to one live class?
Just catch up on the lesson until the next lesson with the recording.

I want the download only option - when can I download the class recodings?

After all 3 classes are over, you will be get an email with the download link. So 48 hours after the last class.

Please note:
Minimum requirement for the class to take place is that 3 people register! Otherwise the class will be cancelled and refunded.

If you have more questions feel free to write!
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